Printable Coloring Pages

Printable Kids Colouring Pages

“Life is like a painting. Imagine it, hit and try drawing with the pencil of first steps, fill in the colors of happiness, correct the mistakes with eraser of love and forgiveness; thus, one dream project is accomplished. Create such masterpieces just like that.”  ~ Vikrmn, Corpkshetra   “Alma is in a painting phase, and the people she paints are all the color ...

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Printable Easter Coloring Pages

Who told you that one paints with colors? One makes use of colors, but one paints with emotions. (Jean~Baptiste~Simeon Chardin) “With cold eyes and indifferent mind the spectators regard the work. Connoissers admire the “skill” (as one admires a tightrope walker), enjoy the “quality of painting” (as one enjoys a pasty). But hungry souls go hungry away. The vulgar herd ...

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