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Colouring Pictures For Boys

Reds, yellows and oranges conjure up sunlight and fire, while the blues and blue~greens evoke snow and ice, sea, sky and moonlight. (Anonymous) Colours are promiscuous. They get infected by their neighbors. (Paul Richard) “In the medieval tradition, Beksinski seems to believe art to be a forewarning about the fragility of the flesh– whatever pleasures we know are doomed to ...

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Colouring In Pictures For Boys

“Telle une pierre philosophale, l’authenticité semble ainsi avoir le pouvoir de transformer en or l’assemblage de toile et de pigments que constitue un tableau.” ~ Stéphanie Lequette~de Kerbenoaël, L’authenticité des oeuvres d’art   “Painting has to do with knocking yourself out day after day trying to get what you want to down on canvas. Maybe it works and maybe it doesn’t, but every day ...

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